Eyeballing Art is about contemporary art, its antecedents and the factors that influence its production and reception. It is written by frankaboutart, a pseudonym that derives from aspects of the writer’s personal relationship with the name Frank (that he has also modified – Hildegarde Frank, Frank Blank – for various past projects).

Though the blog entries include brief examinations of single works of art, exhibition reviews and themetic surveys, the focus is not necessarily strictly limited to discussing work in these formats. Hopefully the selections will provide some stimulating examples of what artists are or have been doing, open the mind to particular concurrences and cause visitors to the site to see the world around them in new ways.

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One thought on “About

  1. Christina Wenger says:

    Hi John,

    My name is Christina and I’m press officer at Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

    I have seen that you wrote about Supermarket last year, and I’m wondering if you would be interested in doing so this year as well?

    Best, Christina

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