The exhibition Suoraan Seinään / Directly on the Wall at MUU Kaapeli (7 – 30 March 2014) brought together a diverse group of artists for a unique project. The mandate: to speculate, confabulate, compose, co-exist and collaborate by painting right on MUU’s walls.

And, as soon as the space was opened to the artists, the walls started to change. As a participant and viewer, it was incredible to witness the transformation. Bursts of creative  energy gradually overthrew the space’s pallid neutrality and each visit revealed an altered panorama.

Though the project was well documented by Pirjetta Brander and Marja Helena Kinnunen – their phots and videos are available through MUU’s facebook pages and youtube, this posting extends that process by mixing a list of personal observations and impressions with details of the artists’ contributions. (Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the images.)


The viral spread of colour, line, shape  Helena Mark  Painting as performance / A thought provoking pastiche / Pictures without frames  Hans Peter Schütt  Gallery as artist’s studio / Dynamic representations / Creative sprawl /  Interweaving media and style  Lotta Hänninen/Sirkku Ala-Harja/Frank Blank/Alexandre Riviello  Bye bye white cube / An artful concoction  Elliina Peltoniemi  A colourful sea / Modes of production revealed  Jussi TwoSeven  An absence of traditional boundaries / Limning as evolutionary act / Impermanent pictures / Tracery, panel, screen  Alexandre Riviello  Exhibition as laboratory / Zany baroque  Tessa Androutsopoulos  The room’s chromatic skin / A grand paste-up / Emblazoning the bulwarks  ASAC  Vim, vigor and verve / A rambling conversation  Sirkku Ala-Harja  Visual infiltrations / Artist as intercessor / The flexibility of rigid surfaces  Jussi TwoSeven  An inconsistent frieze / Work site – please enter  Vappu Rossi  Mind bending mural / A syncopated composition  ASAC  Pictorial autobiographies / The picture-picture interface  Hans-Peter Schütt  A dense visual jungle / Thoroughly off-the-wall  Frank Blank  A polymorphic narrative / Wall as colour sponge  Lotta Hänninen  The (un)predictability of every day / A vividly disparate curtain  Tessa Androutsopoulos  A candid and impromptu discourse / The surface reborn  Hans Peter Schütt  A vertical landscape / Fluctuating mosaic / A million touches of the brush  Vappu Rossi  Not your typical gallery of pictures / Prismatic squawks / Faces, faces, on each and every wall   Helena Mark  Chaotic beauty / Giving up on the territorial preserve  Elliina Peltoniemi  Ocular revelations / Wall street / Marks, pattern, dream  Alexandre Riviello  A fanciful panorama / Brazen spontaneity  Jussi TwoSeven/Frank Blank  Colliding imagery / There’s some real beauty on them thar walls


Artists that participated in the exhibition: Sirkku Ala-Harja, Tessa Androutsopoulos, ASAC (Selma Rissanen & Aleksi Liimatainen), Frank Blank, Lotta Hänninen, Helena Mark, Elliina Peltoniemi, Alexandre Riviello, Vappu Rossi, Hans-Peter Schütt, Jussi TwoSeven.


Photos (top to bottom and left to right): 1) Helena Mark, 2) Hans-Peter Schütt, 3) Lotta Hänninen & Sirkku Ala-Harja & Frank Blank & Alexandre Riviello, 4) Elliina Peltoniemi, 5) Jussi TwoSeven, 6) Alexandre Riviello, 7) Tessa Androutsopoulos, 8) ASAC, 9) Sirkku Ala-Harja & ASAC, 10) Jussi TwoSeven, 11) Vappu Rossi, 12) ASAC, 13) Hans-Peter Schütt, 14) Frank Blank, 15) Lotta Hänninen, 16) Tessa Androutsopoulos, 17) Hans-Peter Schütt, 18) Vappu Rossi, 19) Helena Mark, 20) Elliina Peltoniemi & Sirkku Ala-Harja, 21) Alexandre Riviello, 22) Frank Blank & Jussi TwoSeven. Photos: Frank Blank.


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